Principal residence

Acquiring your primary residence is an important moment, there are many advantages that can attract you.
You may be a first-time buyer and you don't know where to start?
You bought a few years ago, but standards and laws are changing. Do you need advice?
Have you always bought something from the old one but when you retire you want a pied-à-terre without work, easy to access, close to shops?
Pléiades Estate is able to accompany you from A to Z in this important stage of your life.
In fact, we bring together a large part of the market's offer with the largest national and regional promoters.
As part of the purchase of your primary residence you may be eligible for state aid.

Let's start with the PTZ (0 rate loan):

The zero rate loan (PTZ) is a state-assisted loan that allows you to purchase your home if you have not owned your primary residence in the past 2 years, subject to means testing.
The PTZ amount depends on the area where you buy your accommodation.
The loan can only finance part of the purchase, you must complete it with one or more loans and possibly a personal contribution.
This accommodation must be new or old with work.
For the updated conditions you can refer to the site:

In addition, if you buy in the ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renovation) zone, it is possible under certain conditions to combine the PTZ with reduced VAT on certain real estate programs.

VAT reduced to 5.5%

For those who wish to acquire their main residence, the finance law allows to benefit from:

  • A reduced VAT rate of 5.5% (instead of 20%)
  • The reduced rate of 5.5% applies in urban planning and renovation zones (ANRU) and Priority Districts of City Policy (QPV).
  • By respecting the purchaser's resource ceilings (see reference tax income on tax notice N-2).
  • And the price ceilings per m² depending on the zone.
  • These must be new buildings, building land, buildings acquired in the future state of completion (VEFA) or construction operations.


If you resell your property before 10 years, you will have to pay an additional tax equal to 100% of the difference between the reduced rate and the standard rate of VAT, less one tenth per year of ownership from the first year.

Examples: after 5 years, you will have to repay 50% of the difference between the two rates;
After 7 years of ownership of the property: 30%;
After 9 years: 10%.
In fact, when the resale occurs more than 10 years after the acquisition, the reimbursement is no longer due.


There are exceptions, allowing the transfer of his property, within this 10-year period. The benefit for the purchaser of the reduced VAT rate will not be called into question in any of the following cases:

  • Death;
  • Death of a direct descendant of the household;
  • Professional mobility involving a journey of more than 70 kilometers between the new place of work and the accommodation concerned;
  • Unemployment lasting more than one year;
  • Issue of a disability card to a member of the household or to one of the dependent children;
  • Divorce or dissolution of a civil solidarity pact;
  • Marriage or civil partnership;
  • Birth of a child.

For the updated conditions you can refer to the site: https : //
During our meeting, we can study this item together to see if you can benefit from it.

The advantages of New

Summary of contractual guarantees

Apparent defects 1 month Expiration of the month following the handing over of the keys to the purchaser 1642-1 and 1648 paragraph 2 of the civil code
Perfect completion 1 year Reception with companies 1792-6 of the civil code
Sound insulation 1 year Key delivery to the purchaser L111-11 of the construction code
Biennial or said to be in good working order 2 years Reception with companies 1792-3 of the civil code
Decennial 10 years Reception with companies 1646-1 and 1792 / 1792-2 of the civil code

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