The main objectives of an investment in bare ownership:

  • Build up a heritage
  • Save without being taxed
  • Prepare for retirement
  • Make this investment through a loan and deduct loan interest on existing or future property income
  • Arbitrate your assets and make this investment in cash payment
  • Prepare and optimize the transmission
  • Take advantage of the many assets of stone while neutralizing taxation
  • A very attractive profitability of savings
  • Ideal investment for non-residents and expatriates
  • Excellent investment for investors subject to the IFI

THE PRINCIPLE OF DISMEMBERSHIP The principle used is that of the dismemberment of property registered in the Civil Code of 1804. Savers and institutional donors are together and each party buys what interests him:
  • The saver-investor buys the premises and builds up assets and term income, he is bare owner during the period of dismemberment of property.
  • The landlord buys the use of the apartment he rents for the period of the dismemberment, it is usufructuary during the period of dismemberment of property.
MECHANISM Acquisition of bare ownership of real estate subject to a temporary usufruct of 15 to 20 years for only about 60% of its current value in full ownership. Bare ownership thus allows capture from the purchase, in the form of a price reduction, the equivalent of 15 to 20 years of rents totally tax exempt from income tax and social security contributions.
FULL RECOVERY PROPERTY At the end of the period, the bare owner recovers full ownership free of charge and automatically, he can therefore occupy, sell or rent the apartment.
TYPE OF REAL ESTATE New real estate - Selected location with significant heritage character
TAXATION Neutral taxation: savings on tax on property income and on real estate wealth, on social security contributions, on notary fees, on property tax and on real estate capital gains.
RENTAL MANAGEMENT No management constraints, entirely delegated to the usufructuary
LOADS & WORKS Charges, maintenance expenses, works and property tax are borne and paid by the usufructuary, no expense for the bare owner during the entire period of dismemberment
RESALE Resale possible at any time: resale of the bare ownership during the period of dismemberment of ownership or full ownership in the long term

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