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7 French destinations are connected non-stop :

  • Paris in 2h40,
  • Lille in 2h40,
  • Nice in 2h35,
  • Lyon in 2h25,
  • Marseille in 2h20,
  • Bordeaux and Toulouse in 2h,
  • London Faro in 2h
Foreign investors in ALGARVE

Prestigious seaside resort located just 25 km from Faro airport. Our residences are located in the heart of Vilamoura, 750 m from the Marina and 1 km from the large sandy beaches.
You will be seduced by its ideal location, close to shops, services, restaurants and cafés of the port.
Portugal: best world tourist destination in 2018 awarded by World Travel Awards.
Faro is the privileged access point to the Algarve thanks to its international airport managed by a subsidiary of the French group VINCI.
Villamoura, seaside town of international renown: the largest marina in Portugal, golf courses known all over the world, concerted development that respects the environment.
A growing reputation in jumping, show jumping competitions thanks to its equestrian center, the benchmark for training and sailing competitions, The development of new offers around trail running and outdoor activities.

The irresistible attraction of Portugal

  • 300 days of sunshine, on average, per year,
  • 330 weekly flights between 23 French cities and Portugal,
  • Quality of Portuguese cuisine and wines more and more recognized in Europe and in the world.
  • Boosted purchasing power for the French and Anglo-Saxons (cost of living 25% lower than in France),
  • In the top 10 safest countries in the world,
  • A rich (history, culture and heritage) and welcoming country,
  • Sustained economic growth,

Taxation in Portugal

  • Less income tax under NHR status
  • No housing tax
  • No wealth tax
  • Absence of inheritance rights in direct line if heirs resident in Portugal or possible arrangement

Taxation of rental income in seasonal rentals in Portugal: The seasonal rental benefits from a very attractive tax system: Less than 9% tax on the rents received! A 65% reduction applies to the rents collected. An attractive tax rate of 25% applies to the amount after deduction.
If rental income exceeds € 10,000 per year: Rents received are subject to 6% VAT.

NHR STATUS (Tax regime for non-habitual residents)

To attract new residents since 2009, Portugal has offered people wishing to emigrate to the country to be partially or totally exempt from tax depending on individual circumstances. 


The head office : 10 Rue du Colisée
75008 PARIS

Secondary office : 455 Promenade des Anglais,
Porte de l’Arénas
06606 NICE


To be able to benefit from the advantages of the NHR status, you must apply to become a tax resident in Portugal and not have been one during the last 5 years.

To be tax resident in Portugal, you must either live in Portugal for more than 183 days (consecutive or not) during the past year, or prove that you want to settle permanently in the country (real estate purchase, rental contract long term…)

Other specific cases may also qualify for this regime and apply to become a Portuguese tax resident, such as people working for the Portuguese state or people in a crew (plane or ship) for example.

The request must be submitted before March 31 of the year following that of the installation. For example before March 31, 2021 for people settling in 2020. The request must be made to "Finanças" (tax center in Portugal).


The tax exemption or reduction depends mainly on your activity and the source of your income. To put it simply, we can distinguish two types of profiles: people carrying out an activity (employee or self-employed) and retirees.

People carrying out an activity, whether salaried or self-employed, can claim NHR status and therefore have a fixed income tax rate (levied in Portugal and in other countries) of 20%. It mainly depends on whether or not it is classified as "high value-added activity".

Retirees receiving only pensions from the private sector, can benefit from a total tax exemption or a taxation of 10% of their income following their year of installation in Portugal. Public sector pensions are taxed in the country of origin.


For assets, only the list of "high value-added activities" was partially modified on January 1, 2020. For retirees receiving a pension from the private sector, the taxation has been modified according to the year of installation. For people settling before December 31, 2020, the tax rate is zero. For people settling from January 01, 2021, the tax rate is 10%.


The Golden Visa program is intended for non-residents of the European Union who wish to benefit from European resident status.

This program requires an investment in Portugal in real estate, in the Portuguese economy or the placement of a large sum in Portuguese banks.

Several possibilities to benefit from the Golden Visa:

  • Invest a minimum of € 500,000 in real estate in Portugal,
  • Transfer of capital of € 1 million to a bank in Portugal,
  • Create at least 10 jobs in the country,
  • Invest a minimum of € 500,000 in small and medium-sized businesses,
  • Invest a minimum of € 350,000 in scientific research,
  • Invest a minimum of € 250,000 in artistic production, preservation or conservation of Portuguese cultural heritage,

We can put you in touch with a specialist lawyer in Portugal to help you realize your project in the best conditions.

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