Why recommend us?

Friendly and warm welcome, technical and legal expertise, a multitude of programs, and a serious follow-up of your file, do not wait, make the most of your relatives, friends, colleagues who have a real estate project and we will reserve the same service for it.

Satisfied customers who recommend us benefit from our sponsorship offer and receive KADEOS UNIVERSAL gift cards.

Amount of the purchase

Amount gift cards

Less of 100 000 €500 €

Between 100 000 € and 200 000 €

800 €

Between 200 000 € and 300 000 €

1000 €

Beyond de 300 000 €

1200 €

The sponsor's compensation will only occur after the final realization of the sale of the property marketed by Pleiades estate, that is to say after the signing of the authentic deed at the notary of the person who was recommended, with a average delay of 60 to 90 days.

All the conditions of use of the card are available on the website in the Kadéos Universel area.

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