The rental service of PLEIADES ESTATE is responsible for finding tenants for our investor clients, particularly within the framework of the PINEL scheme.

Regarding fees, they are governed by the ALUR law and since the decree of August 1, 2014 s 'apply for the following missions:

  • Advertising on the property to find tenants
  • Visit(s) of the accommodation
  • Constitution of the tenant's file (use of the zelok platform)
  • Transmission of the file to our partner "My rental management (Ma gestion locative)" for verification and validation of unpaid rent insurance (GLI).
  • Drafting of the lease agreement
  • Inventory of fixtures (dematerialized) (The cost of inventory of fixtures, fixed price of 200 € to be shared by half with the tenant)

In addition, these services are set according to geographic criteria. Three criteria were selected which correspond to a very tense area, a tense area and the rest of the territory.

  • In a very tight zone, the tenant will have to pay 12 €/m² of living space of the accommodation to be rented.
    Is considered a very tight zone, the geographical zone which corresponds to the territories of the municipalities included in the A bis zone. This zone includes Paris and 68 neighboring municipalities, the list of which can be found at decree of December 22, 2010 .
  • In a tight zone the tenant will have to pay fees corresponding to 10 €/m² of living space of the accommodation for rent.
    The tight zone corresponds to the territories of the municipalities of which the list is appended to decree n° 2013-392 of May 10, 2013 .
  • For the rest of the territory, that is to say outside tense and very tense areas, the tenant will have to pay fees corresponding to 8 €/m² of living space of the accommodation to rent for visitation services, constitution of the file and drafting of the lease.

Note that the tenant will pay the same amount as the owner.


Pleiades estate wishes to guarantee quality service for its investor clients.
Indeed, the success of a serene rental investment depends on the fluidity of services, in particular rental and rental management.
Specialist in property administration, Ma Gestion Locative manages more than 5,500 housing units throughout France. Holder of a professional G card, financial guarantee and professional liability insurance. The property owner(s) sign a management mandate with Ma Gestion Locative which relieves them of the day-to-day management for remuneration.
An unpaid rent insurance service allows the payment of rent as an option without excess and without duration in time until expulsion.
Concretely, PLEIADES ESTATE can take care of the location of the property, the search for the tenant, the signing of the lease and the inventory of fixtures and My Rental Management takes over for the management of the property.
The management mandate signed with Ma Gestion Locative ensures you a top-of-the-range service and takes care of all the tasks of the daily management of your accommodation:

  • Solvency study of the candidate tenant
  • Collection of rents and charges
  • Pre-litigation revival
  • Management of unpaid debts and disputes
  • Housing maintenance management
  • Rent indexation
  • Regularization of charges
  • Management of tenant departure

The advantages of Ma Rental Management:

  • A dedicated manager available and reachable
  • Accounts available on the Internet 24 hours a day
  • No administrative costs
  • An electronic safe for your sensitive documents

With My Rental Management :

  • Your rent is paid at the beginning of the month (tenants with direct debit) and each month
  • Our legal platform guarantees you a quick and appropriate response.
  • You receive a free land income project
  • We are committed to responding to all your email and telephone requests within 24 hours.

My Rental Management is 90% of satisfied customers (Source OPINION SYSTEM)

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