This service covers all the exceptional goods we sell around the world.
Indeed the exception is defined by scarcity. In real estate, a highly desirable location will significantly increase the value of the property. The services associated with these extraordinary properties will also bring character and uniqueness.
PLEIADES ESTATE Luxury can help you find "that rare pearl" by going from dream to reality.
Un penthouse vu sur mer à Cannes, une villa avec piscine privative dans un resort privé à l’Ile Maurice, une résidence secondaire à Deauville, un appartement d’exception dans un chalet à Courchevel, un très bel appartement au Luxembourg ou un pied à terre à Paris.

After having determined your wishes together, we will make for you a very careful selection of goods corresponding to your request.
As an integral part of the promoter's external sales force, you will benefit from promoter's prices without additional agency fees.
Buying an off-plan apartment or villa provides many advantages, in terms of comfort with the latest standards, customization (choice of services) and financially (reduced notarial deed costs).
By entrusting your real estate project to PLEIADES ESTATE Luxury, you have the guarantee of tailor-made support for your full satisfaction.

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